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What do you do all day??

Well, I get asked this question a lot by well-meaning friends & family, since I don’t have a traditional “Job” I go to every day. Every day is different and beautiful in it’s own unique, special way 🙂 Here’s a sample day….


Rise and shine at 5:30, get middle schoolers up, fed breakfast, make lunches (which I have warned them are not anything to get excited about this time of year, it’s June & I’m sort of done being creative). Walk them & the goofy poodle to the bus.

Back home, “relax” for about 30 minutes, repeat with elementary school child (same speech about lame lunches).

Back home to enjoy too much coffee and caffeinate for the day. The coffee part is necessary to get motivated to work out, which I then do in my basement and try not to get distracted by texts, emails, my dogs barking at the UPS guy, etc.

Finally, a shower.

What next? A little mountain of laundry, run to the grocery really quickly, back home to get some work done… yes, I really do work, too 🙂 I have been a graphic designer for over 20 years, I have my own freelance design biz. And, I also sell skin care and beauty products! So, I have lots to squeeze in before all eyes are on me when the bus arrives.

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