I Make Stuff

Stop Whining, start hustling - Gary Vaynerchuck

Let me rephrase that… I LOVE making stuff. Making anything that does not yet exist drives me. I lose sleep thinking about ways to make my ideas and inventions come to life. I know that’s my passion, and talent. It has taken a long time to fully understand and accept that about myself, but it’s […]

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How to Get Your Invention on the Market

After recovering from the painful experience with my first invention, the Speedy Bump (see blog post https://bizbuilderbabe.com/2017/06/12/heres-a-funny-story/) I could not stay away from the invention biz. I actually DID come up with more ideas! Lots were either already invented, or way too difficult for me to build, or just plain silly. But, I had an idea […]

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Best Method to Expand Your Creativity

Chair Design for 100 Day Project

Two years ago I stumbled upon the most effective, challenging, exciting way to really push my creativity. I was reading the wonderful book, “The Crossroads of Should and Must,” by Elle Luna. Her book talks about finding your true calling and passion, and designing your life to live that path to your highest potential. I […]

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Formal Living Room to Entertainment Room

Industrial Floor lamp for game & pool table room | industrial lighting | rustic design

Does anyone really need a formal living room?? That is always the room that gets neglected, gathers dust, and NEVER gets enjoyed. We decided to redesign our formal living room into a pool/entertainment/bar/game room. I could not be happier with the results! Best decision ever. I know I wanted to base the color palette around […]

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Here’s a Funny Story

I have been entrepreneurial as long as I can remember. Right out of college I started drumming up business to build my freelance graphic design firm. I had NO idea what I was doing, but actually was pretty darn successful! But, back then I had no idea I was also an inventor. Fast forward to […]

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